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Sorello Food and Beverage Company Ltd (formerly known as Rehoboth Agro Allied Ventures) is a Nigerian manufacturing company whose principal business is providing healthy refreshing beverages and foods for the African and International markets. Our Mission is to transform Nigeria’s Agricultural produce into wholesome foods and beverages of world class standard.



Sorello Classic Drink
Winner of the “Award of Excellence” at Africa Industrialization Day 2015 – Lagos State Government

Sorello is a natural exotic drink brewed from mature and flavourful sorrel (hibiscus) calyces and not from concentrate. Sorello is your healthy alternative to the array of chemical and sugar laden soft drinks and juices currently prevalent in the drinks and beverage industry which have been attributed to the alarming rate of major health challenges. Sorrel drink otherwise known as ‘Zobo’ or ‘Roselle’ has been a legendary drink that is the preferred home-made drink across Africa , including Nigeria especially. It is also very popular in the Caribbean and middle-eastern region. The award winning Sorello is the 1st Sorrel drink to be approved in Nigeria by NAFDAC after many years of home brewing.  The good news is that a unique family recipe is now available in safe, hygienic, convenient package and concentration for your enjoyment and nutrition.

Tropical Brew Herbal Tea Range

Tropical Brew Teas are grown under natural conditions, free from chemicals, preservatives and caffeine.  Carefully selected and packaged for freshness and taste in varieties you can enjoy.

FAQs: All you need to know about Sorello juice

  1. What is sorello juice made from?

Sorello is made from the calyces of Hibiscus Sabdariffa popularly known as ‘Sorrel’ ‘Zobo’, ‘Karkade’, ‘Bissap’ etc.


  1. Is Sorello made from concentrate?

No, Sorello is freshly brewed from dried calyces.


  1. Does Sorello contain artificial sweetners?

Sorello is a healthy juice sweetened only naturally and minimally by juices and sugar. It contains at least 50% less sugar than most soft drinks in the market.


  1. How many calories does Sorello contain ?

27kcal per 10cl, 135kcal per 50cl


  1. What are the health benefits of sorello?
  • It is a rich source of vitamin C
  • It helps to remove toxins from the body because it contains antioxidants It lowers blood pressure and inhibits production of cell-damaging enzymes
  • Serves as a strong anti-microbial agent


  1. Where can I buy Sorello?

Some of the stockists are:

  • Medplus Pharmacy– Selected stores in Lagos
  • City Dia Supermarkets – Lekki, Ikorodu, Festac, Akoka, Aguda, Surulere
  • Sweet Kiwi – Victoria Island & Lekki
  • Old English Supermarket – Omole Estate Phase 1
Customer Reviews

What People Say About Us

Tropical Brew Teas are of great natural taste and healthy for the body. I  take Peppermint Moringa Tea in the mornings and Sorrel Tea last thing at night. They are very refreshing and invigorating.  They are highly recommended as a good substitute for imported teas  for good health. I used to buy imported teas before I found Tropical Brew Teas and this has made my Tea lifestyle easy.

Monica Umoh

Rav Tropical BREW specialty teas are all totally caffeine free, over the years, the Moringa & Hibiscus[Zobbo] range has been my take. The new Soursop & Cinnamon tea brews into a very rich flavour.....I put in my ginger and honey sweeteners and sip hot or cold, its very refreshing.....good source of anti-oxidants and cleansing for my system. A must use for all health conscious persons. I recommend the entire range of Rav Tropical Brew specialty teas for your pleasure and benefit.

Funmito Agusto

I have enjoyed every flavour of the Tropical Brew Teas, especially the Soursop and Cinnamon Tea. They helped to wean me off sugar with their awesome taste. They help me sleep well too at night. Thank you Sorello Foods!

Edobong Akpabio

I enjoy drinking Sorello. I feel healthy when I drink it and I know it works. You just feel instantly refreshed especially when you've been doing some activity. The Sorello classic drink is definitely one of my favourites.

Temitope Oladimeji

Sorello is the drink for this generation. It has antioxidant properties and is caffeine free. I enjoy taking it early in the morning because it clears my bowels and refreshes me. I will vote for Sorello anytime, any  day. 

Dr Julie Momah

Wow! I had a taste of Sorello and could not stop at just one bottle.... ended up with 12 bottles in 3 days. The beauty of Sorello unlike other drinks is that it leaves no after taste in your mouth. Such a healthy and nourishing drink!

Dipo Akinrinlade

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